We require valet services on property and do have a charge for parking. Below is an outline of estimated valet fees based on an average event time of 5-7 hours. Please keep in mind that your event will dictate the final amount due. Also, when your event falls into a category other than a wedding, there is often a different head count to vehicle ratio, and costs will vary. 

Valet and Parking Services

Guest Count





Approximate Total Cost

$1200 - $1350

$1350 - $1500

$1500 - $1700

$1700 - $1900

Please note the following:

1.  Guest counts exceeding 150 will be quoted upon request. Conversely, guest counts of fewer than 60 will reduce the cost due to   our localized parking.
2.  Events before 6:00PM on weekdays or during business hours of Digiland Enterprises, LLC & its tenants will increase the costs as the availability of our on property parking spaces is limited.
3.  When events end earlier than the contracted time we will refund the difference from our contracted price.
4.  Digiland Enterprises, LLC requires that we the client provide valet parking for the core vendor staff. An additional 10-15 vehicles will be accounted for in your valet quote.
5.  Digiland Enterprises, LLC requires valet service to commence one hour before all weddings and one and a half hours before most other events. This time is used to prepare the valet area, clearing space for load-in staff vehicles and to accommodate guest cars that have arrived early.
6.  Valet is required to remain on site for vehicles one hour prior to the venue rental end time.
7.  Digiland Enterprises, LLC leases our back parking lot as needed per event. To offset this cost, we include a fee of $5 per car for reserved space in the cost of our service. This is in addition to the valet fees.